Students projects

New Horizons

New Horizons is an impact-oriented social enterprise inspiring, educating, empowering school girls from developing countries.



SuperAble is a platform for people with special needs. We pave the way for them to boost their skills and develop new ones.


E-Practitioners (Health care made easy, for students)

This is a digital platform that will help in creating medical awareness, provide online jobs for the medical practitioners and provide aid to patients who will be seeking medical attention.


A way to code

“A way to code” is a Social enterprise which is aiming to struggle with these challenges via providing free educational coding courses with individual mentoring, internship and employment support.


SE Incubation Program in Ukraine

Online incubation program in Ukraine for creating a proper business and impact plan. Participants receive support from our mentors in the business domain and psycho-social support to prepare them to work with socially vulnerable groups.


Banned Books Museum

Banned Books is a museum that preserves and exhibits banned, censored, and burned books from around the world. We collect and communicate their stories and the stories of their authors, to the public. We study and present the concept of ‘censorship’ in all its forms, with as little bias as possible, and endeavour to accurately represent the history of these books in an honest, educational, and engaging way. By providing this educational resource we are equipping the publicwith an understanding of how censorship works, so that they can read and think critically in this new age of technological misinformation.





The student can make connections and can analyze the goals of the project and their possible solutions from the perspective of one’s own as well as that of other fields.

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Core courses - 66 ECTS

The student has systemic knowledge of social and environmental problems, and is able to analyse societal processes. Is able to use theoretical knowledge in social entrepreneurship.

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Master’s thesis seminar - 6 ECTS

The aim of the course is to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for planning and conducting social entrepreneurship related master's thesis.

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