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Funded by the European Commission


To demonstrate, through the adoption of Multi-Disciplinary Innovation methods, how we can respond to social problems with a design-led approach which has a problem-oriented ethos, supporting positive social change and the development of international public policy discourse. The pursuit is driven by the changing nature of higher education and the need to prepare students to provide creative and innovative solutions to today’s complex problems. The idea is to capture the various methods into a Pan-European Public Sector Innovation (ePSI) lab. The lab would support multi-stakeholder engagement and co-creation processes linking local, national and international levels. It would support public agencies that have a role in responding to and developing public policy.


Review of design-led approaches to social innovation, social enterprise and multi-disciplinary innovation, review of existing higher-education policy labs, journal articles on social innovation and entrepreneurship, a book on Social innovation in higher education institutions

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The student can make connections and can analyze the goals of the project and their possible solutions from the perspective of one’s own as well as that of other fields.

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Core courses - 66 ECTS

The student has systemic knowledge of social and environmental problems, and is able to analyse societal processes. Is able to use theoretical knowledge in social entrepreneurship.

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Master’s thesis seminar - 6 ECTS

The aim of the course is to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for planning and conducting social entrepreneurship related master's thesis.

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