(Estonia)  is the founder and co-leader of an educational programme called Proovikivi, a civic engagement platform in the making - kesta.me -, and is a project coordinator at Tallinn University and currently also a training specialist at the North Estonia Medical Centre. Maarja is passionate about making a difference in the world through investing in people's development and quality relationships, in educational innovation, sustainable development and smart (open) governance, among other areas.




The student can make connections and can analyze the goals of the project and their possible solutions from the perspective of one’s own as well as that of other fields.

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Core courses - 66 ECTS

The student has systemic knowledge of social and environmental problems, and is able to analyse societal processes. Is able to use theoretical knowledge in social entrepreneurship.

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Master’s thesis seminar - 6 ECTS

The aim of the course is to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for planning and conducting social entrepreneurship related master's thesis.

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